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In the assumption of Sander’s consolidation loan, it is dedicated to clients who repay their loans on time. Only such people can take advantage of the attractive promotion which is the reduction of interest rates by 30 percent. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beneficial consolidation products on the market, but does it offer the same advantages for the customer?

Visit our website if you need to consolidate payday loans

By means of this internet payday loan consolidation, you can combine payday loans into one installment. The maximum amount the bank decides to grant is PLN 200,000, while the maximum period is 10 years. The loan amount can be transferred to the indicated bank account or it is paid in cash at the branch. The bank does not require you to have or create an additional account. The loan repayment can take place in both decreasing and equal installments. The APRC is 7.8% and the fixed rate is 5.9 %.

Advantages of the loan

As part of the consolidation loan, the bank also offers its clients the opportunity to obtain an additional amount for any purpose. This allows easier repayment of payday loans or family loans that can not be consolidated under the loan. Undoubtedly, the advantage is also the fact that Limbo Bank accepts a wide range of income sources. In the case of a consolidation loan, not only contracts of employment but also contracts of mandate and work are recognized. Another advantage is the initial credit decision given by the bank, which is obtained immediately after submitting the application. In a situation where creditworthiness is insufficient, it is possible to guarantee a contract for up to 3 guarantors. In addition, the bank allows the fact of taking a loan by two unrelated persons.

Credit defects

The bank does not provide detailed information on the amount of commission, interest or preparation fee at the online application stage. Even when submitting an online application, you must go to the bank branch to finalize the contract. The maximum loan amount is attractive, however, it is available only to a small percentage of customers.